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Complete Combination Temperature Control (70A), Digital Stats, 440-480V

Complete Combination Temp. Control (70A), Digital Stats, 440-480V

SKU: TCD-2470/3470

Part №: TCD-2470/3470

Weight: 1.00 lb.

Base Price: $975.00
Built to Order – Ships in 2– 3 weeks from Tucson, AZ. Non-returnable.

Maximum load information

Single-phase (2-pole) Three-phase (3-pole)
Max. watts, 440V 30.8 kW 53.3 kW
Max. watts, 460V 32.2 kW 55.7 kW
Max. watts, 480V 33.6 kW 58.1 kW


  • Digital readout
  • Mounted in NEMA 12 enclosure
  • Magnetic relay for switching heater load
  • 10-ft type J FEP-covered thermocouple (longer lengths available)
  • Latching safety relay to de-energize control
  • Transformer when required

Brief operating guide

  • Power button: Activates or deactivates all power in control.
  • Reset button: Reactivates circuit after over-temperature switch is tripped, but not until switch has cooled and solution level is raised enough to cover heated portion of heater element.
  • Power pilot light: Indicates that power is on.
  • Heat pilot light: Indicates that heater is activated.
  • Safety pilot light: Indicates over-temperature situation exists; this light will not go out until problem is corrected and reset switch is pushed to reactivate the control.
Select Single or Three Phase Option
Part № TCD-370
Part № TCD-3470
  • Single-phase, 2 pole