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Industrial electric heat supply made fast, simple, and accurate

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SoliStat™ DC Thermostats

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The solution for endless thermostat burnouts in DC applications.

The SoliStat 2 is an easy-to-use, long-lasting, and weatherproof temperature-controlled switch for DC-powered heating and cooling applications. It can switch up to 30 amps of current and runs on supply voltages from 6 to 24 volts DC. Its calibrated RTD sensor, microcontroller, and solid-state switch, all incorporated in a rugged and weatherproof housing, make SoliStat the most reliable one-piece, ready-to-use solution available for DC temperature control applications. SoliStat products are offered with an unprecedented 5-year warranty.

SoliStat is the only one-piece, ready-to-use temperature control solution available for use in these situations:

  • Direct current (up to 30A) is being switched
  • Extreme operating temperatures: from −40°F (−40°C) to +257°F (+125°C)
  • Operation is on voltages from 6 to 24 volts DC SoliStat 2-10 with Heatsink
  • Accurate trip-point temperatures below 32°F are needed
  • Low-power standby/shutdown mode is desired
SoliStat's advantages

No arcing means long-lastingSoliStat 2-10 in a fuel filter warming application
Because of its solid-state construction, SoliStat exhibits none of the arcing associated with the opening and closing of mechanical switches.

Solid-state reliability
The combination of RTD temperature sensing, solid-state switching, and weather-resistant construction ensures reliable and repeatable operation over the course of the SoliStat's life.

Wide range of setpoints and configurations
The standard configurations for SoliStat are:
  • On/off control, factory-programmable lower and upper trip-points from −40°F to +257°F inclusive, ±1.0°F tolerance, minimum deadband of 3.0°F.
  • Fixed on-time control, factory-programmable trip-point from −40°F to +257°F inclusive, factory-programmable on time in 1-second increments.
Electrical Flexibility, Ease of Customization
SoliStat is available in many configurations. The following are our standard models. Other configurations are possible; please contact us to learn more.
Model Operating voltage range Sensor channels Sensor type Output channels Max. output current Shutdown mode available
SoliStat 2-10 6–24 V 1 Internal RTD 1 10 A Yes
SoliStat 2-20 6–24 V 1 Internal RTD 1 20 A Yes
SoliStat 2D-5 6–24 V 1 Internal RTD 2 5 A/ch Yes
SoliStat 2X-15 6–24 V 1 or 2 K thermocouple 1 15 A Yes
SoliStat 2X-30 6–24 V 1 or 2 K thermocouple 1 30 A Yes
SoliStat 2XD-10 6–24 V 1 or 2 K thermocouple 2 10 A/ch Yes
The SoliStat has been developed for DC-powered applications that require simple on/off control in response to changing temperatures, such as:
    FLIR Infrared Image of the Solistat in a pipe heating application.
  • Transportation:
    • Fuel line and fuel filter warming
    • Operator comfort heating and cooling
  • Off-Grid Industrial uses:
    • Water line and filter freeze prevention with heat trace cable
    • Equipment cabinet warming
    • Instrumentation monitoring and temperature regulation
Specification Sheet 
SoliStat 2-10 Product Features and Specifications