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HXF Series - Low-Profile

HXF Series heaters are PTFE-sheathed coil-shaped immersion heaters, resistant to most chemistries. They are built with a very narrow profile to take up minimal room in a tank. They have a watt density of 10 W/in².

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Additional options

  • Longer vertical lengths (cold zones).
  • Polypropylene guards: recommended for applications up to 180°F.
  • Fluoropolymer (PTFE) guards*: recommended for chromic acid or solutions over 180°F (82°C).
  • Special configurations.
  • Longer wire and conduit length.
  • Flexible continuous fluoropolymer leads (PIII protector only).
  • Lower watt densities for highly viscous solutions and technical acids.
  • Temperature and level controls sized to match the heater.

Support documents

HXF Series Low-Profile Fluoropolymer Heater Specification Sheet Thermal Overload Protection Chart
Please note that, before shipping any immersion heater, we will
email you to verify heater selection, and must receive your confirmation.

*Guard is optional. Longer lengths available. Standard guard is polypropylene. Fluoropolymer is recommended for chromic acid and solutions exceeding 180°F

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