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Flange Heaters

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Through-the-side immersion heaters use ANSI standard pipe flanges in a range of diameters to support high tank pressures of liquids.

To find the flanged immersion heater you need, just pick a category below to see the flange sizes available; after picking a flange size, you'll be able to choose an individual heater and customize options.

Lead time: Most flange heaters take 15 working days to ship.

If you don't see the exact heater configuration you're looking for, you can easily specify your own heater and get a one-day quote using our Built-to-Order Immersion Heater Configurator.

If you need more information, check out the box on this page to find our article on how to specify an immersion heater, as well as our tools for finding an appropriate wattage, watt density, and sheath material.

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