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Thermocouple Configurator

This configurator has been designed so that we can build any thermocouple it specifies. In addition, if you find that you need to create a thermocouple that isn't within the ranges allowed by this configurator or the plastics-industry thermocouple configurator , it might still be possible for us to build what you need. Just give us a call at (866) 685-4443 and we'll work on figuring out a solution for your application.

Please contact us if you require a certificate of calibration for your thermocouple.

Thermocouple Configuration

Thermocouple Type:

Sheath Diameter (in.):

Sheath Material:

Measuring Junctions:

Sheath Length (in.):
"X" Dimension
1" 999"


Hot Leg Length (in.):
"A" Dimension

Sheath Terminations

Termination Type:

Jack Size:


Leadwire Transitions:

  Transition Image

Lead Length (in.):
1" 999"

Lead Wire Insulation:

Leadwire Termination:

Term Image

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