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Air Process Heaters

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Air process heaters can provide hot air and gas up to 1000°F (540°C) with fine control by varying air pressure and voltage. Units are fitted with a T-shaped tubing for convenient power lead outlet. Larger-diameter heaters may have direct electrical connections via post terminals. Further customizations may include male/female NPT threaded fittings, hose adapters, flanges, or custom fittings.

Temperature control

In order to quickly adapt to changing air temperature, air process heaters are controlled by a PID controller, which can vary effective voltage to power the heater at a percentage of its maximum wattage. You can order PID controllers online here. The controller requires a thermocouple input; the thermocouple can be mounted externally, or, for some heater types (see table below), mounted into a fitting on the outflow end of the heater.

Multiple Heating

In addition to the stock items listed below, we can custom-manufacture single units to have two or more different wattages via multiple circuits. Applications for these include those requiring quick heat-up, standby for low temperatures, wide variation in thermal loads, etc.

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Choosing a style

To choose a style, use the information in the table below, then click the right category in the listing below go to the product listing page. To select a heater you'll also need to know your required wattage; for input temperatures under 120°F, you can find this quickly by plugging the flow rate (Rflow, in SCFM) and temperature rise (ΔT, in °F) into this formula:

Required kW = Rflow • ΔT3,000 • 1.2

Standard Mini (Clean Air) Heavy-Duty Maximum Flow
Maximum sheath temperature 1000 °F 800 °F 1200 °F 600 °F
Maximum flow rate Varies (see specs) 15 SCFM 50 SCFM 200 SCFM
Maximum pressure 80 PSIG 100 PSIG 100 PSIG Atmospheric ± ~1 PSI
Thermocouple fitting Varies by size TC-5 TC-1 none