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SpeedTrace Pipe Freeze Prevention Kit

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Keep your pipes from freezing up with this ready-to-install, plug-and-play kit. Centered around simple and reliable SpeedTrace heat trace cable, the kit includes everything you need to insulate and warm your pipes. Below, just choose the length you need in standard or Extreme SpeedTrace cable. (SpeedTrace Extreme is a good choice for pipes greater than 1" in diameter, and for temperatures of 0°F (–18°F) and below.) Then, in the kit page, choose the diameter of your pipe, and you're ready to order.

Each kit includes:

  • SpeedTrace or SpeedTrace Extreme cable, pre-terminated with a standard 3-prong (NEMA 5-15) plug.
  • 1 Thermo Cube thermostatically controlled power outlet.
  • 1 36-yd roll of fiberglass tape to secure the cable to the pipe.
  • 1 15-ft roll of Duck® duct tape for fastening the insulation securely closed.
  • InsulLock pipe insulation to match the length of the cable (shipped in 6-ft sections).
  • Caution labels as required by fire safety regulations.