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Maximum Flow Air Heaters

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  • Encased within a 2-3/8" outside diameter (OD) tube with a cross-frame heating element for minimum resistance to air flow
  • Practical operating range of up to 200CFM with temperatures to 600°F
  • Can supply a 4" OD mounting flange on one or both ends
  • Available in aluminum or stainless steel
  • Design includes a nickel-chromium heating element insulated by ceramic beads on a stainless steel support frame firmly secured to the inside of the tube
  • Designed for high volume and moderate temperature
  • Low pressure – for use with blowers and recirculating air

Wattage calculation and heater selection

For applications with input temperatures below 120°F, you can find the required wattage quickly by plugging the flow rate (Rflow, in SCFM) and temperature rise (ΔT, in °F) into this formula:

Required kW = Rflow • ΔT3,000 • 1.2

For detailed background on selecting a heater, see the article in the box on this page.

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Specification Sheet

Maximum flow air heaters specification sheet