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IntelliHose™ Heated Hose Assembly for DEF Lines (Case Bulldozers)

IntelliHose® Heated Hose Assembly for DEF Lines (Case 1150M, 1650M, 2050M Bulldozers)

SKU: K549032 R0

Part №: K549032 R0

Price: $699.00
Built to Order – Please call to inquire about lead times.

All IntelliHose heated hoses include a heating element, temperature control based on SoliStat™, and insulation. This hose assembly's specifications:

  • Built for Case bulldozers 1150M, 1650M, 2050M.
  • Switches ON at −5°C, OFF at −3°C (23°F, 27°F). (Note: DEF freezes at −11°C or +12°F.)
  • Two EPDM hoses (SAE 20R3EC) with SAE J2440 push-to-connect fittings: One hose 3/8" inner diameter, one hose 5/8" inner diameter.