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Hazardous-Area Silicone Rubber Heating Blankets

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  • Suitable for a large range of surfaces: tanks, hoppers, conveyors, silos, etc.
  • Exceptional durability
  • Moisture- and chemical-resistant
  • Easy peel-and-stick pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) backing option
  • Grounded heating element meets NEC 427.23


  • 0.75" conduit fitting
  • High-limit thermostat designed to keep blanket below NEC article 500 T-rating (T3: 292°F, T4A: 158°F)
  • Silicone rubber power leads, 12" long
  • Power density: 2.5W/in²
  • Patented grounded heating element is laminated between two layers of 23-mil and two layers of 25-mil fiberglass-reinforced silicone rubber
  • Nominal silicone rubber density of 26 oz/yd² per layer
  • Exposure temperature range: –60°F to 400°F
  • Dielectric strength: Over 2000 volts

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Support documents

 Hazardous-Area Silicone Rubber Heating Blanket Specification Sheet