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Custom Duct Heater: 94 kW, 480 V

Custom Duct Heater: 94 kW, 480 V

This product is shown for informational purposes only. To discuss having similar custom products engineered for your application, get in touch with us at (866) 685-4443.

This custom heater, designed for a tunnel oven, is an example of our ability to engineer high-density air heaters for demanding applications. See our article for more details:

94-Kilowatt Duct Heater

How do you fit the heat-generating capacity of the equivalent of 75 American homes' electricity into a space the size of a kitchen cupboard, and still make sure it won't burn up when you turn it on? We engineered this heater to answer that question, and it's now in use in internationally distributed tunnel ovens.

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