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These heaters – the P, S, F, and T series – are single-tube over-the-side immersion heaters, simple and easy to use in most tanks. They have a watt density of 35 W/in².

Select a heater below by wattage and sheath material to go to an ordering page, where you can choose voltage and other options. If you don't know what sheath material you need, you can use our Sheath Material Selector.

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Steel 304 Stainless 316 Stainless Titanium
1,000 W K400000 K400020 K400040 K400060
2,000 W K400002 K400022 K400042 K400062
3,000 W K400004 K400024 K400044 K400064
4,000 W K400006 K400026 K400046 K400066
5,000 W K400008 K400028 K400048 K400068
6,000 W K400010 K400030 K400050 K400070
8,000 W K400012 K400032 K400052 K400072
9,000 W K400014 K400034 K400054 K400074
10,000 W K400016 K400036 K400056 K400076
12,000 W K400018 K400038 K400058 K400078

You can also browse individual heaters by selecting a sheath material: