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3" 150# ANSI Titanium Flange Heater, Titanium 3 elements, 4.5kW, 13.5" imm., 48W/

3" 150# ANSI Flange Heater Titanium 3element 4.5kW 13.5" imm 48W/

SKU: K410970

Part №: K410970

Weight: 22.00 lb.

Base Price: $2,718.00
These heaters are built to order and ship 5 to 15 working days after the order is processed. After placing your order, you will be emailed by an engineer to confirm heater selection.
Built to Order – Ships in 2– 3 weeks from Tucson, AZ. Non-returnable.

Choose your desired options below. Please call us at (866) 685-4443 or send us a contact form if you have any questions.

Temperature controller required! When choosing voltage, check the notes for compatible controls available online.

Select supply voltage and either single-phase or three-phase wiring.
This is a non-standard configuration; please call us to consult before ordering.
Suitable temperature controllers: TC1-230, TCD-230.
Suitable temperature controllers: TC1-330, TCD-330.
Suitable temperature controllers: TC1-2430, TCD-2430.
Suitable temperature controllers: TC1-3430, TCD-3430.
Select the style of junction box.
For indoor use. Guards against fingers and large foreign objects.
For indoor and outdoor use. Water-tight and dust-tight.
For hazardous-area use. Explosion-resistant.
  • 240V single-phase
  • NEMA 1