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O.E.M. Heaters' Return Policy

Cancellation, Change Orders, and returns

  • Orders for Build-to-Order Items and Custom Items are not cancelable. Acceptance of Change Orders to Build-to-Order Items or Custom Items cannot be guaranteed. If a change order is required, please consult O.E.M. Heaters as soon as possible to determine feasibility.
  • Build-to-Order Items and Custom Items are not returnable.
  • Returns of Stock and Standard Items will be charged a re-stocking fee equal to the greater of $50.00 or 35% of the price paid for the items, provided they are in original containers and unopened. Contact O.E.M. Heaters for a Returned Materials Authorization (RMA) number.


All products are warranted against defects in manufacture and material for the greater of: 60 days from date of purchase or the manufacturer's stated warranty period. There is no warranty against product failure due to misapplication or abuse of the product. If Buyer suspects that a product purchased from O.E.M. Heaters has failed due to manufacturing or material defects, Buyer agrees to contact O.E.M. Heaters immediately to receive an RMA number. Within ten (10) business days after Buyer has received an RMA number, unless instructed by an Employee of O.E.M. Heaters to do otherwise, Buyer will return the suspected defective material(s), at Buyer's expense, to: O.E.M. Heaters, 739 Kasota Avenue SE, Minneapolis, MN 55414-2842. The RMA number must show clearly on the shipping container, otherwise it will not be accepted for return. O.E.M. Heaters reserves the right to refuse acceptance of RMA shipments that are not shipped within the aforementioned ten (10) business day period.

In the event that Returned Materials are found to be defective in their materials or workmanship, O.E.M. Heaters will replace the defective Materials at no cost to Buyer, and reimburse Buyer for return shipping expenses. In the event that Buyer requests a replacement item for a suspected warranty claim, buyer will be required to purchase the replacement item and pay for return shipment if applicable. If the defective item is found to be defective due to defects in manufacture or material, Buyer will be refunded the purchase price and return shipping expense by the same payment method that Buyer used to originally pay for the replacement item. Buyer is hereby notified that the period required to investigate suspected warranty claims may be as long as eight (8) weeks.

Immersion heaters warranty

Immersion heaters, i.e., heaters that will be in direct contact with liquids for the purposes of heating them, carry no warranty against corrosion. Although Buyer may have consulted with O.E.M. Heaters in regard to the selection of the proper sheath material and power density (a.k.a. watt density or watts/in²) for heating Buyer's liquid, Buyer acknowledges that neither Buyer nor O.E.M. Heaters may have complete knowledge of all chemical constituents of the liquid being heated. Buyer accepts that small quantities of some chemical elements in solution or suspension may lead to premature aging and ultimate failure of immersion heater elements. Buyer also accepts that immersion heaters generally will fail if they are not fully immersed in the liquid that they are intended to heat. Buyer accepts full responsibility for immersion heater failure in applications where Buyer has not provided sufficient monitoring and safety devices to ensure that immersion heaters will not be energized when dry.

In plain English: heaters, controls, and sensors require careful selection and proper installation to ensure that they will not fail prematurely – especially immersion heaters. Warranties only cover the materials and workmanship of the products sold by O.E.M. Heaters. If you obtain an RMA number for a suspected defective part, bear in mind that we are capable of telling the difference between a heater that has failed due to misapplication and one that has failed due to manufacturing defects. The same goes for controls that have had excessively strong signals applied to their inputs or that were asked to switch excessive loads. We will be happy to replace items and cover your return shipping costs for materials that have failed due to manufacturing defects. We will sell you replacement heaters, controls, and sensors if they failed because you did not use them properly.