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Screw-in Thermocouple for Air Process Heaters

Screw-in Thermocouple for Air Process Heaters

SKU: K350024

Part №: ACHT-121202-001

Weight: 0.50 lb.

Price: $77.65
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This thermocouple is designed to screw into a 1/4" NPT pipe thread, and is intended for use with a thermocouple fitting on an air heater.


  • Tip style: Closed end-grounded.
  • Probe size and material: 0.187" diameter, 316 stainless steel.
  • Lead wire: 20-gage fiberglass-insulated. Standard commercial tolerances of 0.75%.
  • Thermocouple material and temperature range: Iron/Constantan type J, 0 to 1200°F.
  • ISA color-coded:
    Iron: White
    Constantan: Red with white tracer