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Clamping Mechanisms

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Mineral band heaters are available with several different clamping mechanisms:

  • Independent strap
  • Built-in barrel nut
  • Spot-welded straps
  • Flange lock-up
  • Wedge lock
  • Latch and trunion
  • Hinges
  • Spring-loaded barrel nuts
  • Clamping pads

The longevity of a band heater is directly related to the heat transfer rate from the heater to the cylinder it is intended to heat. One factor affecting the quality of heat transfer is the clamping mechanism of the band heater.

Every clamping style has its own advantages and unique characteristics. Clamping selection is directly related to the specific requirements of an application.

Independent strap – The straps evenly distribute the drawing force around the band heater by clamping the heater tightly around the surface of the cylinder. This distributed force is transferred to the internal windings, improving heat transfer through effective surface contact and elimination of air gaps.

Built-in barrel nuts – This clamping mechanism combines the drawing quality of an independent strap with ease of installation. The top sheet is transformed into a strap by incorporating barrel nut fasteners at both sides of the gap. Recommended when holes and cut-outs prevent the usage of an independent strap.

Spot-welded straps – Similar to the built-in barrel nut style. The fastener section of an independent strap is spot-welded onto the top sheet on both sides of the gap. This construction allows for a heated section under the fastener.

Flange lock-up – The most economical fastening style, flange lock-ups are used mostly on narrow heaters.

Wedge lock – Low-profile clamp. Used when clearance above the heater is limited. A wedge-like clamp slides on the lips of the heater located on both sides of the gap. The normal height from the inner diameter (ID) to the highest point of the wedge lock is 5/16".

Latch and trunion – Ideal when fast detachment is required. The clamp is released with a flip of the thumb, eliminating the usage of any tools. The spring-loaded 1/4-20 bolt absorbs thermal expansion in the fastened position.

Hinges – Used when a heater band has two sections. A piano hinge is incorporated on one side of the heater, while the other side can have any kind of clamp. The clearance between the two sections on the side of the hinge is 5/16".

Spring-loaded barrel nuts – Independent straps, built-in barrel nuts, and spot-welded straps can have longer screws with incorporated die springs. These springs help to keep the band heater tight during thermal expansion. Only available in 1/4-20 screws.

Clamping pads – Mostly used in the section partial heaters. When an obstruction prevents the usage of a complete band heater, it becomes necessary to create a large gap and fasten the heater to the cylinder on both sides of the gap. It is not advisable to have clamping pads on both sides of the same section of a heater, because thermal expansion might detach the heater from the cylinder.

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