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Termination Styles

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Mineral band heaters are available with three categories of electrical terminations:

  • Screw terminals
  • Lead wire terminals
  • European plugs
Each termination has its own unique characteristics, advantages, and limitations. When selecting a termination style, the following factors need to be taken into account: diameter, width, voltage, amperage, operating temperature, electrical safety, and cost.

Screw Terminals

Stainless steel screw terminals are the most convenient and economical means to connect a heater to an electrical power source. They are mostly recommended when high amperages (up to 30 amps) are involved. The maximum temperature is 840°F.

Separate: opposite sides of gap  (A)
Along the width: side-by-side
Along the length: side-by-side
With protective terminal box
With ceramic protective cover

A Style – Separate on opposite sides of the gap.
B1 Style – Along the width side-by-side. B2 Style – Along the length side-by-side.
G Style (termination box) – Eliminates the risk of electrical shock and electrical short by enclosing the terminals in a heavy, stainless steel box. Cover boxes come in 2 sizes, G1 and G2. For three-phase and dual-voltage applications, special boxes are used.

Width Length Height
G1 1-5/8" 2" 1-3/4"
G2 2" 2-1/4" 1-5/8"

V Style (ceramic terminal covers) – Provides a cost-effective means of reducing the risk of electrical shocks and electrical shorts.

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