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Termination Styles

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Electrical terminations:

  • Post Terminals (B)
  • Terminal Box (G)
  • Stainless Steel Braided Leads (E)
  • Armor Cable (H)
  • European-Style Straight Plug (K00)
  • European-Style 90° Plug (K90)

B Style: Post Terminals
The most commonly used termination style. Recommended for high amperage applications.
G Style: Terminal Box
A practical way to protect screw terminals from damage and exposure.
E Style: Stainless Steel Braid
Highly flexible – protects the lead wire from abrasion.
H Style: Straight Armor Cable
Provides protection against abrasion and contamination.
K00 Style: European Connector
Ideal termination style when the power leads are frequently removed from the heater. An easy electrical connection when the heater fails.
K90 Style: European Connector
Used when there is not enough clearance above the heater to use the K00 Style European connector.

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