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Model 5560

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Infrared Heat. Instantaneous Results.

This heater is designed to provide a low, uniform heat flux density (approximately 5 to 10W/in²) up to 2 feet away from the heater. The Model 5560 is available in heated lengths from 5 to 38 inches. The lamp uses a ceramic end-seal, 'T3-style' quartz halogen lamp readily available in stock. The Model 5560 operates using natural convection cooling and does not require an external cooling source like water or forced air.

Each heater module has a steel frame that mounts easily to nearly any support structure. The heater's reflector is made from lightweight, specular aluminum that can be easily removed for cleaning. Combining heaters allows the user to create a heating array of nearly any size or shape.

Features and benefits

  • The lamp reaches 90% of full operating temperature within 5 seconds of a cold start.
  • The radiant energy dissipates to 10% within 5 seconds after the power is disconnected.
  • The construction of these heaters allows them to withstand continuous high temperature operation.
  • Non-contact heat source does not come in contact with product being heated.
  • The infrared energy emitted can be adjusted to match a variety of application requirements.
  • Repeatable results can be achieved for consistent process output.
  • A 10-foot power cord is attached to the heater for connection to the power controller.
Heater module

Plated steel housing
The heater module is constructed from a steel housing and a polished aluminum reflector. The design of the housing allows convective air to cool the end seals of the lamps so it operates without forced air or water cooling.

Polished aluminum reflector
The polished aluminum reflector focuses the energy from the lamp to provide a consistent 5-inch-wide strip of heat at a distance of up to 2 feet from the heater. The reflector can be easily removed for cleaning when the heater is used in an application where smoke or contaminants can coat the reflector and reduce the heater's efficiency.


The heater comes with a 100-watt-per-inch short-wavelength lamp installed.

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