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Model 4185

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The 4185 StripIR Infrared Heater is a lamp-and-formed-reflector system that provides even heat distribution across a 1.7" strip. This model uses T-3 halogen lamps backed by a ceramic reflector to provide heat and offer users the benefits of a high-density heating solution.

Features and benefits

  • The lamp reaches 90% of full operating temperature within 3 seconds of a cold start.
  • Work-piece temperatures can reach 1300°F.
  • The radiant energy dissipates to 10% within 5 seconds after the power is disconnected.
  • Localized heat focuses only on the desired area without heating the rest of the product.
  • Non-contact heat source does not come in contact with the product being heated.
  • The infrared energy emitted from these heaters can be adjusted to match the heating requirements of a variety of applications.
  • Repeatable results can be achieved for consistent process outputs.
  • The power controller equipped to control these heaters is included in the heater package.
  • 10-foot power cord connecting the heater module to the power controller is included.
  • The back of the heater module has 10-32 NF threaded holes for mounting purposes.

This model is available in a variety of different heated lengths to accommodate different heating requirements. With its self-cleaning ceramic reflector, the heater can operate at high temperatures without water-cooling or air-cooling. Instant on/off capability makes it ideal for applications such as curing, drying, and precise heating.

Heater module

The heater module is designed to operate without any external water or forced-air cooling. It uses natural convection cooling to keep the surfaces of the heater and the lamps in the appropriate operating temperature range.

Ceramic reflector

The ceramic reflector focuses the heat on a 1.7" strip immediately below the heater. It heats and cools rapidly when the heater is turned on or off.


A variety of high-intensity, short-wave, T-3 halogen lamps are available for the different lengths for the model 4185. The tungsten emitter in the lamps has an operating temperature of up to 4000°F with a spectral energy peak wavelength of 1.15 microns. Each Model 4185 heater will heat a strip that is 1.7 inches wide and is available for heated lengths from 5 to 38 inches. (Specify heated length when ordering.) Heated length should be at least 20% larger than work-piece.

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Support documents

4185 StripIR Infrared Strip Heater Specification and Data Sheet 4185 StripIR Infrared Strip Heater User Manual