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Industrial electric heat supply made fast, simple, and accurate

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Features and benefits

  • Fast-response lamps: Yields 90% output within 3 to 6 seconds of cold startup, depending on the lamps you are using.
  • Non-contact heat source.
  • Localized heat: Heat only the desired area without heating other areas.
  • Dissipated heat flux densities: Up to 269W/in² (41.4 W/cm²)
  • Controllable energy output: Adjustable output to match most every application requirement
  • Repeatable results: Optimized for consistent process outputs
  • Self-cleaning ceramic reflector: Highly efficient with low maintenance costs
  • Continuous operation: Construction allows constant high temperature exposure

Specifications and applications

  • Heating large areas: The PanelIR Model 4555 can be electrically wired so individual heating "zones" can be generated to heat different target sizes. Areas of up to 38×12 inches can be heated by one single unit. Larger heated areas can be created by mounting two or more Model 4555 heaters side by side.
  • Overheat protection: A thermostat is mounted to the back side of the heater reflector, and can be wired directly to the power source or to an external failure indicator (alarm, failure light, etc.). The thermostat will either remove power from the unit or trip the external indicator if the heater exceeds the thermostat trip temperature.
  • Product temperatures: The maximum work-piece temperature depends on the voltage applied to the heater lamps, the ability of the work-piece to absorb radiant energy, and the amount of heat loss. For most continuous heating processes, the maximum work-piece temperature should not exceed 800°F.
  • Heat flux densities: Dissipated power for the Model 4555 is 100W/in². The heaters are also available in either medium-wave or short-wave lamps.

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Support documents

PanelIR 4555 Specification and Data Sheet PanelIR 4555 User's Manual