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Infrared heaters for controlled and concentrated heat

The LineIR® 5194 heater generates highly concentrated radiant energy along a thin line at a focal point that is 1.95 inches from the edge of the heater's elliptical reflector.

Features and benefits

  • Rapid response: The quartz halogen lamp heats up and cools down instantly in response to power control signals. They reach 90 percent of full operating temperature within three seconds of a cold start. The radiant energy dissipates to ten percent five seconds after the power supply is disconnected.
  • Continuous operation: The extruded aluminum construction of the 5194 combined with water and air-cooling allows the heater to withstand continuous high-temperature operation.
  • Modular design: The modular design of the heater allows units to be installed in a variety of configurations suitable for many applications.
  • Electrically enclosed heater module: All electrical connections for the 5194 are completely enclosed for safety.
  • Target product sizes: The 5194 generates and concentrates radiant energy on a line approximately 0.18 inch wide and 2.25 to 38 inches long.
  • High heat flux density: High-density radiant heat flux can be concentrated along a line that is 1.95 inches in front of the heater. Heat flux densities up to approximately 678 watts per inch can be achieved with the 5194-04 operating at the lamp's rated voltage. Heat flux density is a product of the lamp type, applied voltage, and distance between the lamp and the target surface. Increased heat flux densities can be achieved by focusing two or more heaters on the target product.

Support documents

LineIR 5194 Infrared Line Heater Specification and Data Sheet LineIR 5194 Infrared Line Heater User's Manual