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Industrial electric heat supply made fast, simple, and accurate

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Model 6040

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Infrared heaters for controlled, concentrated curing

Designed for drying applications that require a clean, responsive, non-contact heat source on target areas up to 4 inches wide. The DryIR 6040 makes it simple to add extra capability, enabling increased line speeds. Easy installation, low operation cost, and minimal maintenance make the 6040 system an economical solution.

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Features and Benefits

  • Instant response: The fast-responding medium-wave quartz lamps heat up and cool down instantly in response to power control signals.
  • Direct heat: The lamps provide infrared heat directly to the desired area, resulting in immediate evaporation.
  • High-temperature operation: The aluminum construction of the Model 6030, combined with the air cooling, allows the heater to withstand continuous high-temperature operation.
  • Versatility: The modular design of the heater allows units to be installed in a variety of configurations suitable for many applications.
  • Non-contact heat: The electric heat source is clean and efficient and does not come in contact with the product being heated.
  • Fast drying rates: An integrated fan blows air past the lighted lamps, resulting in heated air impingement on the target product surface, combined with quartz lamps for extremely fast drying rates.
  • Precise heating: Localized energy generated by the unit heats the desired target area without heating surrounding areas.
  • Control included: Digital display power controller comes integrated in the Model 6040.