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Insul-Lock Flexible 1/2-inch-thick Pipe Insulation

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Insul-Lock is a 1/2-inch-thick, R3, flexible pipe insulation, ideal for use on pipes with heat trace cable installed. It is available for pipes with diameters from 1/2 in. through 3 in., in 1/4-in. increments.

Product highlights

  • Easy to install, with a precise fit
  • Double-seal technology:
    • Built-in pressure-sensitive adhesive, and
    • Built-in PVC overlap tape with acrylic adhesive
  • Reinforced with scrim on the seam surface
  • Environmentally friendly, CFC-free, flexible elastomeric thermal insulation
  • Non-porous, fiber-free, and resistant to mold growth
  • Resistant to moisture vapor flow
  • Compatible with heating cable and tapes


  • Operating temperature range: –70°F (–57°C) to 220°F (104°C)
  • R-value: 3
  • Color: Black
  • Length: Ships in increments of 6.0 feet (1.83 m)
  • Thickness: 0.5 in. (13 mm)
  • Density: 3 to 6 PCF (48 to 96 kg/m³)
  • Water vapor permeability:
    • Dry cup (elastomeric insulation): 0.03 perm/inch
    • Wet cup (glued seam with overlap): 0.12 perm/inch
  • Water absorption % (volume change): 0

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Support Documents

Insul-Lock Pipe Insulation Spec Sheet